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Resources for New Families

Mother and Son at Orientation Day


As you begin to prepare for your arrival at BCS, 新濠天地娱乐平台愿意为您提供一些有用和必要的信息. about the many different aspects of school life. Scroll down to read through and don't hesitate to reach out to the 招生 Team if you have any questions or need any help.

We can't wait to see you in September!

New Student Enrolment Package

在这个包中包含了学校生活的许多不同方面的文件:技术, 制服, what to bring for the year, 等.

Download the New Student Enrolment Package

Important Documents

New students—be confident! BCS有每个人的地方,无论你是什么感觉, everyone else is feeling the same, even the current students. BCS在很多方面都是一个惊喜,但它会让你大吃一惊.

Maria Balzaretti Vilanova, BCS'20


International Families

If I can give any piece of advice, 我会告诉新来的学生马上参与进来, whether it would be a club, 一项运动, or joining a group of friends. 你需要享受完整的BCS体验以及它所提供的东西, 这从你进入校园的第一天就开始了.Brandon Sacchetti, BCS'21

Get ready for BCS

Checklist for New Students

As part of every student’s enrolment process, 有几份新的学生表格必须填写. These forms will be sent to your BCS门户 account. 请注意,家长和学生都应该有一个BCS门户帐户.

Download the Checklist here

问题? 如果有任何问题或担忧,请毫不犹豫地与新濠天地娱乐平台联系.