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Your support matters. Annual donations from parents, 校友, 教师, 工作人员, 和BCS的朋友们为课程提供了重要的收入来源,使学生的体验如此特别.

捐款使新濠天地娱乐平台能够提供特别的节目,激励和激励新濠天地娱乐平台的学生, such as hands-on, project-based learning, outdoor adventure, leadership development, international travel, community service, and individualized academic support.

Through donations, 新濠天地娱乐平台也能够为那些无法负担BCS教育的优秀学生提供经济援助.

最后, without philanthropic support, 新濠天地娱乐平台美丽的校园和设施得不到足够的投资来保持与时俱进.

I give to my school because of the opportunities it gave me. I want those same opportunities to be available for generations to come.

Doug Harpur, BCS'67

年度捐赠者可以选择将他们的捐款直接捐赠给学校的特定领域. Scroll down to read through some of the most popular areas to give back.


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Charles de Sainte Marie
Director of Advancement
819.566.0238 x225

重要的礼物 & Planned 给 Coordinator
819.566.0238 x283

Meet Our Advancement Team

我发现每月捐款是一个很好的选择,可以参与BCS的筹款活动. 这不仅对作为捐赠者的我来说超级简单和高效,而且还为学校节省了成本, as they can rely on my support and decrease their solicitations, so my donated dollar goes further. 这也是一种很好的保持联系的方式,让我感觉很好,因为我正在改变.

Theodora "Theo" Brinckman, BCS'84

Annual 给 at Bishop's College School

So many BCS strengths have flowed from the generosity of past supporters, from our beautiful over 100 year-old campus to the outstanding programs, 奖学金, 设备, 慈善事业是建立这一切的基础. We invite you to join those donors, 感谢他们的支持,帮助新濠天地娱乐平台继续为所有BCS学生提供卓越的教育体验.

Thank you for making BCS such a vibrant place of learning.

Privacy Statement

阁下所提供的资料,将用于处理阁下的捐款及更新新濠天地娱乐平台的资料库,以便日后收到毕夏普书院的来信. 所有的捐赠都是通过一个安全的网关处理的,新濠天地娱乐平台不会在新濠天地娱乐平台的数据库中存储任何信用信息.

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